With our biological products and active substances, different pollutants in soil and groundwater can be treated. We advise you individually in the selection of suitable processes together with our international network of experts.


ONE is a special combination of active ingredient that is tailored to local geology, hydrogeology and pollutant cocktail.

ONE contains no genetically modified substances. Creation of a defined and stable dimension of the organic barrier without longterm drifting the active ingredients in the groundwater flow direction. ONE is delivered in 1000l IBCs and can be injected in parallel in individual or in several measurements. The addition is set individually and continuously monitored by specialists.

ONE Technology


This technique, modified by Planreal, allows the determination of a detailed depth profile of different biogeochemical parameters (BGP) within a monitoring site.

Depth-specific determination of BGPs gives first indications of microbial activities in the aquifer and possible interfering factors in the different zones. Evaluation of all measured parameters and graphical representation using Planreal's KAIRO analysis software.

FP600 Depth Profile Technology


BioClean Technology is a specialized process in which in-situ microbial consortia are conditioned for contaminant degradation and then introduced into the site aquifer.

No genetically modified or human pathogenic organisms are used.The entire process is subject to continuous quality control. Microbial degradation of CFCs often results in incomplete degradation where cis-dichloroethene (cis-DCE) or vinyl chloride (VC) accumulate. By adding the conditioned consortium BioClean-CHC, complete pollutant degradation to ethene and CO2 is achieved.

BioClean Technology

FROG - Technology

FROGs (Filter for the Recovery of Organisms from Groundwater) are passive samplers for the recovery of representative local microorganisms under in-situ conditions from groundwater monitoring sites.

FROGs can be used as a substitute for soil samples because, although groundwater monitoring wells are available at many sites, contaminated soil material from the deeper aquifer is not available for laboratory analysis. FROGs can be installed in any conventional monitoring well.

Filter for the Recovery of Organisms from Groundwater - FROG Technology